It's easy to be annoyed that 'Friday the 13th' is being rebooted only five years after its last reboot in 2009, but that would be ignoring the fact that no film franchise has ever been as slapdash, exploitative and generally mismanaged as this one. So, a seemingly terrible move like this is totally in the spirit of this long-running series, which practically rebooted itself with every other entry in the initial 10 films anyway.

Although producer Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes will once again head up the film, they've gone and found an interesting choice for a director: David Bruckner.

The news comes via The Wrap, who have no details beyond Bruckner's name. Horror fans will most likely know him best from "Amateur Night," his segment in the very successful found footage anthology 'V/H/S,' but he also co-wrote and co-directed 'The Signal,' a very cool (but largely forgotten) film that has earned a small cult following [Ed. note: not the upcoming Laurence Fishburne horror film of the same name]. Brucker's hiring lends credence to the rumors we heard awhile back that this latest take on the hockey-masked killer Jason Vorhees would be found footage, a first for the series.

We'll be the first to say it: a found footage 'Friday the 13' movie sounds like a pretty terrible idea, a desperate ploy from a team that simply doesn't understand the appeal of this series or the slasher genre in general. At the same time, we're totally okay with it. The 'Friday the 13th' series started as a 'Ten Little Indians'-style murder mystery, but it quickly evolved into a showcase for the latest in hardcore gore. And, then it got silly and tongue-in-cheek. An then Jason battled a psychic girl. And then Jason went to New York. And then Jason went to Hell. And then Jason went to space and became a cyborg. Oh, and let's not forget the movie where he battled Freddy Krueger.

In other words, the 'Friday the 13th' series isn't sacred -- it's full of terrible decisions that have only managed to work out about 50% of the time. A found footage take on the character makes us queasy, but it also makes so much sense in the context of the franchise's history.

Anyway, Bruckner is an interesting choice and we'd love to see Jason make a comeback in any capacity. It's been too long.