Sad as we are that 'Fringe' said goodbye after five years with recent finale episode "An Enemy of Fate" perhaps no actor deserved greater spotlight throughout the series than John Noble. The New Zealand actor will soon be heard as Braniac in the genre-friendly 'Superman: Unbound,' and recent rumors have put him in a prominent role in the next 'Star Wars' trilogy, but for now the 'Fringe' star has made his first new TV gig since the series, stopping by CBS' 'The Good Wife.' Find out about Walter Bishop's next life inside!

Following five years of Emmy-worthy work on 'Fringe,' John Noble has officially set his return to TV. The 'Lord of the Rings' actor will next be seen on CBS' 'The Good Wife,' per TVGuide Canada. Noble will take the role of a client from Alicia (Julianna Marguilies)’s past, whom she once took care of in flashback. Marguiles herself describes the character as “sort of a brilliant techie guy that constantly sues people.”

Sounds a bit like Walter Bishop to us, but it's encouraging to see John Noble sticking with what works. Noble might be the only 'Fringe' star to be seen on TV in the immediate future, as series leads Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson recently revealed they'd sit out the 2013 pilot season waiting for their next projects.

What say you? Are you excited to have John Noble back on TV, even briefly? Tell us where you want to see the stars of 'Fringe' pop up next!