For as much as we'll miss FOX's sci-fi cult hit 'Fringe' when the series wraps its five-year run this coming January, it doesn't hurt to think that some of TV's best actors could be free for new roles. Joshua Jackson managed to successfully shed his image as 'Dawson's Creek's' Pacey Witter, while John Noble cemented his place as one of TV's most under-awarded stars. Following 'Fringe's' end, will the cast return to work looking for new iconic roles in the 2013 pilot season? Two cast members' answers may surprise you!

For as much as fans will want to soak up as much freaky 'Fringe' drama as they can in the show's final six episodes, they might want to enjoy Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson while they can as well.  Both 'Fringe' stars recently spoke to TVLine prior to filming the show's 100th episode, explaining that they're likely to step away rather than jump into the 2013 pilot season looking for work again.

“With the intensity of 22-episode television, I don’t know how healthy it is to try to jump from show to show,” says Jackson. “I had the benefit, because of ['Dawson’s Creek'], to be able to wait out on something really good like ['Fringe'], and they don’t come around every year just because you’re unemployed. So the next time around, I’ll be waiting for something as good as this.”

Similarly Torv expressed that she hopes to have time to truly let go of the show and her character Olivia Dunham, never having had the opportunity to play a role for five years before. The Australian actress plans to sit out the upcoming pilot season as well, but potentially return in the future.

What say you? Are you sad that Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv won't have a place on TV next year? Where would you like to see the 'Fringe' cast pop up next?

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