We have to admit, we're going out of our minds with anticipation for tomorrow's all-new 'Fringe' episode "Letters of Transit," which sees The Observers having taken over humanity in the year 2036.  That doesn't sound very much like the Observers we've come to know, and what we see in these three new clips doesn't either!

Today Fox has unveiled not one, but three new looks at Friday, April 20 episode 'Letters of Transit,' which follows Walter Bishop awakening decades into the future to find that the mysterious Observers preside over humanity in a totalitarian rule.  Traditionally, the nineteenth episode any given 'Fringe' season is thought to be the weirdest, and "Letters of Transit doesn't look to disappoint. After all, we've already seen it's trippy new opening credits, what more evidence could you need?

Oh, right, the clips.  Check out the three clips below, the first two of which see the Observers (none of the ones we've met before) acting characteristically both more aggressive and menacing than we've ever seen of them before, as well as a glimpse of 2036 Philip Broyles!  And remember, aging makeup isn't perfect, and anything's better than that weird robotic eye we saw him with in last season's future-centric finale "The Day We Died"

The third clip also gives us our first look at 'LOST' star Henry Ian Cusick as Agent Simon Foster, and Aussie actress Georgina Haig as his partner Etta, working to free a captive Walter Bishop from encasement in amber!

Watch the clips below, and tune in to 'Fringe's "Letters of Transit" so we can get a fifth season renewal!  Then tell us what you thought of the clips in the comments!

Preview #1

Preview #2

Preview #3