'Fringe' may be on its last legs, set to air the second episode of its fifth and final season "In Absentia" this Friday night, but just because the series has become laser-focused on its plot to rid the planet of its Observer overlords doesn't mean there isn't room for some fun casting and sci-fi references! Singer, actress and poet Jill Scott will join the 'Fringe' team for its final 13-episode season, for a role that should sound awfully familiar to 'Matrix' fans...

Because one can't have a good science-fiction anything without an oracle of some kind, Entertainment Weekly is reporting that 'Fringe' season 5 has added Grammy-winner Jill Scott to play a unique role in the cult sci-fi series' final episodes. Scott will take the role of Simone, described by producers as “an incredibly intuitive woman, an oracle-like person.” Simone will primarily interact with Olivia (Anna Torv) in an early season episode.

Of course, it also remains to be seen if "Simone" has any real kind of extra-sensory perception, or what the "oracle" might have to do with Olivia's "cortexiphan" abilities, which were supposedly depleted in season 4 finale "Brave New World, Part 2." 'Fringe's' 13-episode final season will resume this Friday night with its second episode "In Absentia," following last week's season premiere "Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11."

What say you? Is Jill Scott's appearance a badly-timed 'Matrix' joke, or will she prove crucial to the final season?