What is this, June?  On a Wednesday?  Ugh, the new, and final fifth season of 'Fringe' is going to take forever to get here.  We've all been dying to know how 'Fringe' will arrive at the Observer-controlled future seen in season 4 episode "Letters of Transit," but hopefully we won't have to wait until 2036 for a sneak peek.  What?  FOX has one this very moment?  Huzzah!

Returning to FOX Fridays this fall, 'Fringe' will finally answer its ultimate questions as The Observers make their move on our dimension for the show's final season.  Fall may be months away, but now FOX has a fresh look at what we'll see when "Letters of Transit" comes to life and the 'Fringe' team wages all-out war on their time-traveling advanced human overlords.

In fact, maybe with 'Supernatural' moving to Wednesdays this fall, 'Fringe' might experience enough of a ratings surge to justify additional episodes!  It's an extraordinarily remote possibility, but hey, that's what the show is all about, right?  Plus, in a world where Leonard Nimoy can be pulled out of retirement, anything is possible!

Watch FOX's new tease for the final season of 'Fringe' below, and tell us what you're expecting to see from Walter, Peter and Olivia when the show returns this fall!