As 'Fringe' fans both eagerly anticipate and lament, tonight will see the critically acclaimed cult sci-fi TV series closing its doors after five seasons with two-hour series finale episodes "Liberty" and "An Enemy of Fate." Last week we showed you how to keep the 'Fringe' frenzy alive by exploring the revelations of the tie-in book "September's Notebook: The Bishop Parodox," so how would you like even more sneak peeks? Prepare for 'Fringe's' epic finale with a closer look inside!

'Fringe' may be coming to its ultimate end tonight, but that doesn't mean exploration of the show's trademark weirdness need end with it. Authors Tara Bennett and Paul Terry have collaborated with input from showrunner Joel Wyman and former executive producer Jeff Pinkner to create ‘September’s Notebook – The Bishop Paradox,’ a tie-in tome that explores Donald/September/The Observer's secret observations over the show's five years.

Due to hit stores on March 12 for a retail price of $27.50, the book contains records of everything the character has observed, from “The Pattern,” to Massive Dynamics and the show’s parallel world. Fans will also be treated to character studies, exclusive photos, concept art and further exploration of the show’s secret frequently seen glyphs.

A previous excerpt treated us to September's observations of the alternate universe Olivia Dunham "Faux-Livia," but now TVLine has released a full-size excerpt of September's observations of Astrid, while Entertainment Weekly has provided three more pages chronicling both Peter and Walter Bishop.

Check out the "September's Notebook" entry on Astrid below, and tell us how you're preparing for 'Fringe's' hotly anticipated series finale tonight in the comments! Did we mention the bad-ass final trailer?

Insight Editions / TVLine