Since it seems like FOX remains content to make us wait until the end of the universe for news on a renewal for a fifth season of 'Fringe,' our efforts are best spent looking toward the current run of episodes.  And after the trippy time-travel that was "Letters of Transit," just what's going to unfold in the final episodes of 'Fringe's fourth season?

Look no further!  Amidst a mass of other May Sweeps spoilers of its most popular programs, FOX has doled out telling episode descriptions of the final three 'Fringe' episodes of the season!  Sadly, none of them seem to hearken back to the admittedly left-field, but ultimately awesome future story glimpsed in last Friday's "Letters of Transit," though it looks like Olivia, Astrid, Lincoln, Broyles and the Bishops are moving full steam ahead in their battle to prevent David Robert Jones ('Mad Men's Jared Harris) from collapsing both universes.  Check it out below!

From the official FOX description:

April 27: “Worlds Apart”

The teams on both sides, including Olivia and Peter, continue to fight for a common cause, and there are shocking developments tied to the Cortexiphan children.

May 4: “Brave New World, Part 1 of 2″ (Season Finale, Part 1)

In the first of a thrilling two-part season finale, a mysterious Fringe event causing people to spontaneously combust forces Walter to revisit his painful past, while the Fringe team faces off against David Robert Jones (guest star Jared Harris) to save the world, or worlds.

May 11: “Brave New World, Part 2 of 2″ (Season Finale, Part 2)

In the climactic conclusion of the Season 4 finale, the Fringe team is pushed to their breaking point as they desperately attempt to prevent a catastrophic event that threatens the lives of everyone.

said it before, series show-runner J.H. Wyman seems to think the announcement will come this week, with near of a 99% certainty that we'll see 'Fringe again next year!  See for yourself:

Good enough for us! Watch 'Fringe's "Worlds Apart" this Friday, and tell us your hopes for a fifth season in the comments!

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