This Friday will kick off the final run of 'Fringe' episodes, beginning with 2013 premiere episode "The Boy Must Live," and finally culminating in a two-hour event on January 18 comprising series finales "Liberty" and "An Enemy of Fate." Friday's "The Boy Must Live" could prove one of the series' most pivotal episodes yet, answering pivotal questions about both Walter's plan to defeat the Observers, the mysterious young "Michael" and the Observers themselves, so how would you like a sneak peek? Check out the latest on the final episodes of 'Fringe' inside!

Hard as it is to believe we're just over a week from the 'Fringe' series finale, this Friday will get the ball rolling toward the end with "The Boy Must Live," uncovering series-long mysteries as the team searches for the missing Donald (now revealed as September), and unlock the key to the young Observer child's gifts.

FOX has released three new clips from Friday's all-new episodes, pulling out all the stops to remind viewers of both the series' heart, and quirky sense of humor. The question remains however, will the team be able to survive the final stand against the Observers? Could "The Boy Must Live" have a hidden meaning we're not expecting?

Check out the all-new 'Fringe' clips from 'The Boy Must Live' below, and give us your predictions in the comments!