Due to its 13-episode final season, every 'Fringe' episode from now until the end of the series should be seen as one part of a big 13-hour movie, or so we've been told, but perhaps the series' biggest game-changer will arrive this Friday with "The Bullet That Saved the World."  After two weeks without any fresh 'Fringe' we're ready to observe the sci-fi madness, but what about the latest clips has us worried?  Is there any doubt the team can defeat the Observer overlords?

While earlier today we caught a tense new look at 'Fringe's final season in the form of a clip from Friday's all-new episode "The Bullet That Saved the World," even more daunting sneak peeks have arrived courtesy of TVGuide and IGN.  In the first all-new look, we see that Peter's encounter with an Observer has shaken his faith in the team's ability to defeat the bald-headed baddies, while in the second clip below Walter comes up with an inventive new strategy to use what they've learned over the years.

With just ten hours to go, what new sci-fi action and mystery will the 'Fringe' team encounter?  Will they make any progress on Walter's plan to defeat the Observers?  Is it true what we've heard, that the team might experience a few casualties along the way?

Check out the new clips from Friday's "The Bullet That Saved the World" below, and give us your 'Fringe' predictions in the comments!