Everywhere you look, everywhere you look…there’s Full House. Sensing a chance to further cash-in on your nostalgia, Full House will also head off Broadway for a new musical. Soon Full House will be everywhere, and there will be no escaping the flood your nostalgia hath wrought upon the earth. Have mercy.

The Wrap reports that Full House is getting an off Broadway musical parody, which will satirize the popular ‘90s sitcom with song and dance and lots of “You got it, dude.” The new production is titled Full House! The Musical!, and with those exclamation marks, you better be excited. The musical begins running on weekends on September 7, and will “follow Danny’s wacky and hilarious descent into madness as he slowly turns from wholesome Danny Tanner to foul-mouthed and dark Bob Saget.”

Interesting, sure. Why not.

I’m not entirely positive that the level of nostalgia for Full House is high enough to demand a Netflix revival series and a Lifetime behind-the-scenes movie and a satirical musical. Full House GIFs run rampant in the internet wild, but the affection for the series seems largely couched in the affection for all things ‘90s. Studios keep mistaking that fickle nostalgia for the desire to see these shows revived.

The people behind the new Full House musical are also responsible for the off-off-Broadway Saved by the Bell musical, as well as Showgirls! The Musical! and National Lampoon’s Bayside! The Musical! It will also feature such charming songs as “Dad Speech (I’m a F—ing Superhero)” and “This House Is Too Full.” Okay, those are some pretty great song titles.

Speaking of Danny Tanner’s descent into madness, now’s a good time to revisit this classic Full House horror edit, in which Danny is actually a sociopath who terrorizes his family: