The first trailer for 'Fun-Size' just dropped and it looks like some good, old fashioned teenage shenanigans perfectly timed for Halloween, courtesy of director Josh Schwartz.

Schwartz, who created 'The O.C.' (Californiaaa!), 'Gossip Girl,' and 'Chuck,' is no stranger to teenage dramedy, and while most of his output successfully appeals to teens as well as adults, 'Fun-Size' appears to serve the former more than the latter.

The film follows Wren (Victoria Justice), who is sentenced to babysit her little brother on Halloween when she'd rather be attending a party with a cute boy from school. But when she gets distracted and loses her brother, she has to team up with her best friend (Jane Levy) and enlist the help of some of the more unpopular kids from school to find him. 'Fun-Size' co-stars Chelsea Handler, Johnny Knoxville, and Thomas Mann.

You can watch the trailer premiere below, courtesy of While there aren't dozens of laughs and it seems a bit formulaic, it certainly calls to mind teen films of the 90s, which isn't particularly a bad thing. Although presented by Nickelodeon Films (in association with Paramount), the trailer does feature one character using the word "bitch," so while it seems to skew to a younger audience, it's definitely pushing for something a little edgier, and the presence of Handler and Knoxville solidify that. We have a feeling this trailer may be slightly misleading, but check it out for yourself: