It seems like everything in Hollywood gets a reboot these, because that is exactly what's happening with the Garbage Pail Kids. Yes, you read that right: the characters immortalized in a Topps trading card line back in 1985 are being developed for a new feature film.

Deadline is reporting this new screen version is that it's being scripted by Michael Vukadinovich and directed by someone named PES, who is known for a series of viral short stop-motion films with titles such as 'Fresh Guacamole' and 'Western Spaghetti' (see below).

The film come to you courtesy by the Tornante Company, a new production shingle operated by former Disney CEO Michael Eisner. Eisner apparently bought Topps back in 2007 and he's looking to make 'Kids' his first feature film spinoff.

The original cards were a parody of the then-huge Cabbage Patch Kids, swapping out "cute and sweet" for "ugly and vile." Naturally, the Garbage Pail Kids became a massive success in their own right, even starring in a 1987 animated feature (it's streaming on Netflix if you're morbidly curious to take a look).

And hey, before we start making fun of all this, remember that the Kids were created by Art Spiegelman, whose later work 'Maus' remains the only graphic novel to win a Pulitzer Prize. We're not saying that this could ever hope to ascend to those heights, but could the time be right for the Garbage Pail Kids to return?

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