Seemingly little has been heard or said about 'Get the Gringo,' Mel Gibson's latest film, but a new trailer was released today that can answer all your burning questions, like, "What is 'Get the Gringo'?"

In this new film, co-written by Mel Gibson with director Adrian Grunberg, Gibson plays Driver (nice try, Gibson - there's only one Driver and his name is Ryan Gosling), a man outrunning US boarder patrol crashes his car through said border and winds up in Mexico. Driver befriends a 10 year old kid and his mother and tries to save them from a dangerous mafioso.

The trailer insinuates an action comedy/drama meets fish-out-of-water story, where Gibson stars alongside Daniel Gimenez Cacho, Jesus Ochoa, Roberto Sosa, and Dolores Heredia, as Hispanics seem to be the only minority Gibson hasn't offended (yet).