UPDATE: Paul Feig has tweeted the first official image of the new Ghostbusters team in uniform, complete with proton packs and the ECTO-1. And they look great!

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Paul Feig has wisely (and graciously) been keeping fans up to date with photos from his new Ghostbusters movie, including looks at the proton pack and the new costumes, while set photos have been leaking that show our new leads in action. But we haven’t seen all four of them together, in costume — until now.

A new set photo has appeared online, showing Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon together on set in their new Ghostbusters uniforms:

I really love how Wiig and McKinnon look a bit annoyed, while Jones stares at the camera with a “what the f— are you doing” look and McCarthy is the only one who seems genuinely happy. It’s pretty hilarious.

Although the costume photo Feig tweeted out featured the Ghostbusters patch on the sleeve of the uniforms, the patch is absent from the uniforms in this photo, indicating that they haven’t fully branded themselves in the movie at this point in filming.

Ghostbusters reportedly centers on two authors — Wiig and McCarthy — whose book on the reality of the world of ghosts is a failure. A few years later, Wiig has become a teacher at Columbia, but when her book is discovered she becomes a laughing stock. Wiig gets back together with her old pal, and the pair team up with a couple of other believers to become a ghost-busting quartet.

Chris Hemsworth will play their receptionist (I still cannot get over how great this casting is), while Andy Garcia will play the mayor, and former SNL writer and Inside Amy Schumer star Neil Casey will play the maniacal villain. The film also stars Matt Walsh, Cecily Strong and Michael K. Williams.

Ghostbusters hits theaters on July 22, 2016.

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