'Community' Season 4 has been pushed back to dates unknown and we'll have to wait and indeterminate amount of time before we return to Greendale Community College. But now comes a video that might help tide you over. It's 'Community' stars Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs undressing each other in lingerie. Wait, where are you going!

We're sure you've already scrolled down to watch the video and aren't even reading these words (anyone here? Bueller?...) but just in case, over the weekend, the below video "mysteriously" appeared online. It's from an August, 2011 GQ photoshoot (one that spawned these photos) but for some reason, the video itself never made its way online.

The video features two segments: in the first, Brie repeatedly removes the bra of Jacobs and in the second, the roles are reversed. The footage, we would guess, is NSFW.

So let this serve as your gentle reminder that 'Community' Season 4 is on its way, even if we're not sure exactly when, and should rekindle the Britta vs. Annie debate that is perhaps the mostly hotly contested pop culture choice since Betty and Veronica.

As if we needed to actually say this, you can watch the Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs lingerie video below.