With the recent news that former 'Boy Meets World' stars Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel have officially signed on to reprise their roles as Cory and Topanga for The Disney Channel's upcoming sequel spin-off series 'Girl Meets World,' the conversation has naturally turned to what other former stars could take part.  Likely the biggest question of all remains, could Rider Strong reprise his role as Cory's life-long friend Shawn Hunter?  The actor has new comments that may surprise you!

'Boy Meets World' may be coming back into all our lives with 'Girl Meets World,' centering on Cory and Topanga's young daughter Riley Matthews, but Cory's best friend Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong) may not have much of a role.  The actor recently posted comments to his personal website clarifying his status on the project, with which for the moment he remains uninvolved.

I am extremely happy for Ben and Danielle to be able to continue the story. At this point, I have no official involvement in Girl Meets World.  There might be a chance to see some of the BMW cast in a guest spot, and I think it would be nice to find out where our characters have been all these years.

But Girl Meets World will be, and I think it should be, it’s own show. It will be about Cory and Topanga, their daughter, and a new set of characters. It’s the next generation. And I, for one, can’t wait to see it evolve.

Strong is the latest cast member to comment on The Disney Channel's revival of the hit ABC / TGIF series, though the first as-yet-uncast actor to comment after Savage and Fishel's announcement.

What say you?  Could 'Girl Meets World' really evolve into its own show, independent of a need for former 'Boy Meets World' stars?  Would you watch without Rider Strong's Shawn Hunter?

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