Kristen Wiig is the 'Girl Most Likely' -- or least likely? -- in this new trailer for the upcoming film in which Wiig plays a woman who fakes a suicide attempt to get her boyfriend back, but gets her mom back instead.

We've been excited for 'Girl Most Likely' (formerly titled 'Imogene') since its premiere at TIFF last year, and now we've got an official trailer to get you guys on the same page. Kristen Wiig stars as a playwright named Imogene who fakes a suicide attempt to get her ex-boyfriend back, but winds up living with her estranged mother instead. Annette Bening plays Wiig's mom in a brilliant bit of casting, while Matt Dillon plays her mother's boyfriend, a guy who says he's in the CIA, which is exactly the kind of role you'd expect Matt Dillon to play. Darren Criss of 'Glee' stars as the young man currently renting Imogene's room at her mother's home, and together the two seem to be getting into a bit of trouble together.

The trailer seems to indicate Wiig in regressive woman-child mode, not too dissimilar from 'Young Adult.' 'Girl Most Likely' is directed by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini, the team that brought us 'American Splendor' and the HBO film 'Cinema Verite.'

Check out the first trailer for 'Girl Most Likely' below, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies: