Are you ready for another Sausage Party?

The hit 2016 R-rated animated movie, featuring the voices of Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Michael Cera, and many more of their comedy buddies as a variety of foodstuffs, is now getting a sequel TV series on Prime VideoSausage Party: Foodtopia continues the story of the original film, and features much of the original cast, including Rogen (who co-created the series with Evan Goldberg and Sausage Party co-director Conrad Vernon), Wiig, and Cera.

The trailer for the series just debuted, and it shows that Rogen, Goldeberg, and Vernon haven’t toned the material down for the small screen or the possibility that kids might randomly find the series flipping around their streaming services and think “Oh, talking hot dogs, this looks fun!” It remains an extremely filthy concept. If anything this might actually be more raunchy than the film, which almost never happens when you take a movie and turn it into a TV show. (In fact, it’s almost always the opposite; a hard-hitting film gets softened for the small screen.)

You can watch the full (NSFW) trailer below:

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The Sausage Party movie was conceived by Rogen, Goldberg, and Jonah Hill (who doesn’t seem to be involved in the TV version) and wound up becoming a solid hit in theaters. It grossed more than $140 million worldwide against a budget of around $20 million.

Here is the series’ official synopsis:

Based off the 2016 animated feature Sausage Party, the series Sausage Party: Foodtopia follows Frank, Brenda, Barry, and Sammy as they try to build their own food society.

Sausage Party: Foodtopia premieres on Amazon’s Prime Video on July 11.

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