Tragically, 'Glee' won't return to FOX until November 8, but that doesn't mean you'll have to wait all the way past Halloween for new scoop on the show's fourth season.  Only four episodes deep and plenty of former cast members have yet to appear as well, but who needs the old when you have the new?  We've just learned that 'American Idol' vet Jessica Sanchez has officially booked her turn on the series, but who will the runner-up play?

'American Idol' 2011 runner-up Jessica Sanchez might have told us all that she is not going, but she certainly wasn't referring to a guest spot on the fourth season of 'Glee.'  We'd heard as a early as a few months ago that the vocal powerhouse might take a recurring role on the season, but TVLine has officially confirmed the news.

Somewhat uncertain however is what role the 16 year-old star might play, as producers are keeping things under wraps for now.  Speculation abounds that Sanchez could fill the role of a new love interest for Finn, following the brutal events of last week's "The Break-Up," but for now, we'll ignore the creepy implications of the 'American Idol' star being 16, and Cory Monteith being 30.

Sanchez became an early front-runner for ‘American Idol’ season 11, though later in the Top 7 week Sanchez received the least votes.  The judges promptly vetoed America’s decision by using their sole “save” of the season.  Sanchez then went on to steal the show during the ‘Idol’ finale by virtue of a jaw-dropping duet with Broadway legend Jennifer Holliday on the ‘Dreamgirls’ classic “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.”

What say you?  Who do you think Jessica Sanchez might play on the fourth season of 'Glee?'