Like a drunk who wrapped her car into a paparazzi for the umpteenth time, sometimes you've got to see it to believe it.  So in spite of any of the apparent difficulties in working with notoriously troubled young starlet Lindsay Lohan, LiLo has officially come to 'Glee' and we've got the gory photos to prove it.

While 'Glee' tonight plays around with the high school hijinks of "Prom-asaurus," next week will see a duet of two full hours of 'Glee,' with its finale "Goodbye" to bow the week after on May 22.  Both of next week's episode "Props" and "Nationals" will take the New Directions to some pretty out there places, the formers of which sees the Gleeks swapping bodies and styles after Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) suffers a head injury.  "Nationals" will once more take the group to the long-awaited competion, this year judged by a panel of Lindsay Lohan, gossip trafficker Perez Hilton, and actor Rex Lee in an original role.

Today FOX has released the first images of "Nationals," featuring Ms. Lohan herself!  The crowd seems to eat her up (despite the show's numerous shots at the troubled actress over the years), while others seem to argue with her over a decision for the singers' competition.

Even Lohan's turn on 'Glee' ended up somewhat marred by controversy, as the actress reportedly irritated a number of the cast and crew by showing up late to shooting, though her management claims a miscommunication took place.

Check out the first images of Lohan below, and afterwards tell us what you want to see from the final episodes of 'Glee' in the comments!