The time for 'Glee' is almost upon us, as 'Glee' season 4 will finally make its big debut this Thursday, September 13. For months now, we've been hotly anticipating the new season of FOX's mega-hit musical if nothing else for the presence of Hollywood star Kate Hudson as Rachel Berry's sexy new NYADA dance instructor Cassandra July. But 'Glee,' is nothing without its music, so how would you like a full-length sneak peek at one of 'Glee' season 4's musical numbers?

Hudson will be dancing up a storm through the new season of 'Glee,' one which no doubt threatens to overtake young miss Rachel Berry as she tries to make her way through the big city this fall. Rachel may have the pipes, but does she have what it takes to out-dance Hudson's Cassandra July?

As the first musical clip from 'Glee' season 4 premiere episode "The New Rachel" proves, Cassandra doesn't even need to pull off complicated dance numbers to show off sexuality, singing and dancing to a mash-up of Lady Gaga's "Americano" and Jennifer Lopez's "Dance Again." As Rachel comes into her new antagonistic relationship with her teacher, will she be able to keep up as Kate Hudson literally dances circles around her?

Check out the sizzling new musical number below, and tell us what you hope to see from 'Glee' season 4 in the comments beneath!