It's hard to believe that another year of TV is almost upon us, and while it might take until the end of October to get back our favorite shows like 'Community,' 'Glee' season 4 is just days away with a premiere on September 13.  So with all the new photos and promos we've seen, where are all our favorite characters?  Is it all about Rachel Berry in New York, tormented by Kate Hudson?  Actually, that doesn't sound so bad...

With just a few weeks to go until the fourth season of musical mega-hit 'Glee' starts dominating all our lives, FOX has given us our best look yet at the new year's cast of characters, most notably Kate Hudsons.  Two new promos below feature extended scenes of Hudson's new character Cassandra July, dance instructor at NYADA and tormentor/mentor to NYC-transplant Rachel Berry.  But the real question remains, can she sing?

The latter of the new previews takes an in-depth look at what's going on with the other members of the New Directions, as well as the new faces of the year, while curiously avoiding what's befallen question-marked members like Mercedes, Finn, Puck and Quinn.  And what of the new man in Rachel Berry's life, to be played by former 'Terra Nova' star Dean Geyer?

Take a look at the new promos below, and tell us what you're expecting to see (and hear) from 'Glee' season 4 in the comments!