'Glee' may be returning tonight, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions on fans' minds for season 4. And since we've seen the premiere, we can tell you that not all of your lingering questions about the New Directions new and old will be answered this week, so what is the latest promo showing us ahead of time? Do we finally know what Sarah Jessica Parker is up to, or where Finn's been all this time? Check the video after the break to find out!

'Glee' season 4 makes its official premiere tonight with 'The New Rachel,' but why wait that long for a fresh 'Glee' scoop? The latest official promo teases out a bunch of new footage we've yet to see, including our first on-camera look at SJP's character, to be introduced in an upcoming episode. The clip only shows Parker catching Rachel and Kurt seemingly in the act of trespassing, but we know her character as Isabelle, Kurt's future boss at Vogue.com.

The clip also offers plenty of looks at the upcoming sequel Britney Spears tribute, which puts Rachel Berry and the ladies of McKinley in all kinds of wonderful outfits. We even get our first look at a returning Finn, back from... whatever he's been up to.

Check out the juicy new promo below, and be sure to watch the 'Glee' season 4 premiere "The New Rachel" tonight on FOX!