It's FOX's Upfront week, meaning we're finally getting answers to some of the bigger questions that have been hanging over 'Glee' all season long.  Namely, what's going to happen to the graduating seniors?  How will Rachel, Kurt and others play any part if the characters move to New York?  And perhaps most importantly, what new and celebrity faces might we see in the season to come?

It's official!  At least half of 'Glee's fourth season this fall will divide its time between McKinley High in Ohio, and a "handful of graduating seniors" attending a  performing arts school (presumably NYADA) in New York City.  Explaining the shift in a conference call with reporters today, Fox Entertainment Chief Kevin Reilly said, "Glee is really positioned for a strong year," as the series will also move to FOX's Thursday night at 9:00 p.m.  slot.

FOX will announce a number of new faces over the next few weeks to form the core cast back in the show's primary setting of Lima, Ohio, independent of the "show within a show" format in New York.  Additionally, celebrities Kate Hudson and iconic New York woman Sarah Jessica Parker will join the cast for multi-episodes stints, Hudson set for at least seven episodes.

What say you?  Does moving half the show to New York seem like it can reinvigorate the stagnant series?  Might we expect any cross-over with 'Smash?'  Who do you think the New York seniors will be, apart from the obvious?  Give us your theories and reactions in the comments below!

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