While FOX's star-making musical drama 'Glee' has courted plenty of controversy in its day, perhaps none were so hotly-debated as last week's "Shooting Star," which featured a harrowing and extended sequence of the usually chipper 'Glee' club hiding in fear of a potential school shooter. Regardless of the topical and controversial nature of the material, the episode certainly cast into doubt the future of Jane Lynch's Coach Sue Sylvester within the series. 'Glee's own fifth season future hangs in the balance, but has Jane Lynch been written out for good?

'Glee' certainly threw viewers for a loop this past week with its controversial "Shooting Star" episode, not only for the frightening depiction of school violence, but also from its seemingly permanent exile of series regular Jane Lynch. Even though 'Glee' has yet to receive a formal renewal for season 5 given the cast and crew contract negotiations, Lynch assured HollyScoop that her own potential future with the series remains secure.

“[On the show] I have been fired. I haven’t been written back in yet. I am in the show, but [my character] is teaching aerobics at 23 hour fitness, so that is where Sue Sylvester is right now, so we’ll see what happens,” Lynch told the website. The actress expected to have a role in the fifth season of the series as well should negotiations prove successful with FOX.

What say you? Were you shocked by 'Glee's "Shooting Star" and Jane Lynch's apparent exit? Would you want to see the character continue in season 5?