Never exactly a show to be known for it's subtlety, it was inevitable that 'Glee' would find some way to tackle Whitney Houston's death, and not in the previous coincidental usage of "I Will Always Love You".  Now, only a few weeks shy of the singer's passing 'Glee' has decided to give Whitney Houston a full-on tribute episode!  And there's nothing exploitative about that, at all!

E! Online broke the news that 'Glee' was to undertake the episode, uncertainly mounted somewhere in between the existing episodes plotted and shot for the remainder of season 2, though Lea Michele herself tweeted earlier "Starting a new episode today. A very special tribute to one of the worlds most amazing singers. Very excited about this one."

The as-yet-untitled tribute episode will feature eight songs from the singer's canon, but will unfold differently from previous tribute episodes dedicated to Britney Spears, Madonna or Michael Jackson.  Says E!'s source, "it's using Whitney's music as a way to say goodbye, a way to respectfully say thank you for her music."  The episode will be structured more as a character piece focusing on the graduating seniors having a hard time letting go of the past.

'Glee' previously covered Whitney Houston's version of "I Will Always Love You" in Valentine's Day episode "Heart", just days after the singer's death, though the tribute was unintentional at the time, aside from the dedication card before the credits.

What say you, fellow Gleeks?  Are you excited to see the New Directions take on the 'Bodyguard' singer's legacy full-out, or is it way too soon for something this exploitative?  Sing us out a little ditty or at least tell us how you'll always love us in the comments section below!