Matthew McConaughey has an Oscar; his name and “Academy Award Winner” is the first thing you see in this teaser for Gold. But I think he wants another. Every time he says “gold” in this clip for Gold, about a guy who wants gold and tries to find gold and get rich by getting gold, I hear gold statue. It’s the largest gold find of the decade! There‘s no way to possibly describe the feeling! It’s amazing how a little gold can change everything!

The late December release date certainly helps to the Oscar-y vibe. As does McConaughey’s unflattering, balding haircut. He allowed himself to look moderately less incredibly handsome than usual! If that‘s not worthy of an award, I don’t know what is.

Here’s the official synopsis for the film:

Gold is the story of Kenny Wells (McConaughey), a modern-day prospector, hustler, and dreamer, desperate for a lucky break. Left with few options, Wells teams up with an equally luckless geologist to execute a grandiose, last-ditch effort: to find gold deep in the uncharted jungle of Indonesia.

Co-writer/director Stephen Gaghan is an Oscar winner himself, for his screenplay for the Steven Soderbergh movie Traffic. And he previously directed Syriana, which won George Clooney his Oscar for his work as a supporting actor in the film. (Clooney de-glamorized himself up for that role as well, packing on more than 30 pounds to play his character.) It’s an intriguing combination to be sure. But, yeah, I am going to have a hard time not thinking the whole film is a meta exercise about winning Oscars. Gold opens in theaters on December 25.