Rockstar's latest Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer is chock full of gameplay. Now if we could only fast-forward our calendars to Sept. 17 so we could play the game.

It's no secret one of 2013's most anticipated games is GTA5. Rockstar has taken its time with this fifth numerical entry, and for all intents and purposes, will be changing the way we play open-world action titles forever. In the gaps between GTAs however, Volition has done quite nicely with its Saints Row franchise to fill the void. It will be interesting to see how the more serious GTA5 holds up after Saints Row 4 releases in August.

In the footage above, you'll see a lot of new elements at play for the first time. While we've gotten glimpses at GTA5 before, those trailers were much more cinematic, and didn't offer much of a glimpse at how the game would look in action. Rockstar has set quite a high bar for itself, but we're confident the developer will be able to match (if not exceed) expectations.

Check out the trailer, and give us your thoughts on Grand Theft Auto 5 in the comments.

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