Considering the massive box office success of 'Gravity' over the past two weeks, chances are strong that you've already seen director Alfonso Cuaron's stunning science fiction thriller. If so, the news of a companion short film that sheds light on one of the movie's most memorable scenes should have your attention.

Naturally, spoilers lurk below.

Deep into 'Gravity,' Sandra Bullock's Ryan Stone finds herself stranded in the Russian Soyuz capsule. As she prepares to end her own life, her radio picks up a man speaking in a foreign language. Despite the language barrier, the two of them chat and the sound of the man's dogs bring Stone the only real joy she's experienced during the entire movie.

Which leads to the short film 'Aningaaq,' which shows this conversation from the point of view of the man on the radio. Written by Alfonso Cuaron's son (and 'Gravity' co-writer) Jonas Cuaron, the short focuses on an Inuit man named Aningaaq who has a chance radio encounter with Bullock's stranded astronaut. Here's the official synopsis:

Aningaaq, an Inuit fisherman camping on the ice over a frozen fjord, talks through a two way radio with a dying astronaut who is stranded in space, 500 kilometers above Earth. Even though he doesn’t speak English and she doesn’t speak Greenlandic, they manage to have a conversation about dogs, babies, life and death.

It's the sort of thing that would never have worked if cut into the film itself, but as companion piece, it sounds quite wonderful. The scene in 'Gravity' is all about an isolated person finding a comforting human connection when she least expects it, so seeing the source of that connection, a man who is dealing with his fair share of more down-to-earth problems, could be moving and beautiful.

For additional details on the short (including a description of how it concludes), you should head on over to Although 'Aningaaq' has screened at various festivals, it is currently unavailable to watch online. However, we strongly suspect it'll be included among the bonus features when 'Gravity' hits Blu-ray and DVD.