Shed no more tears, 'Grey's Anatomy,' for there's a lot more water for Eric Dane to steam up out on the open ocean. Those still mourning Dane's heartbreaking departure from the long-running 'Grey's Anatomy' need only look as far as TNT to get their next McSteamy fix, as the dearly departed doc will captain 'The Last Ship,' a new apocalyptic Naval pilot from TNT. But who will Dane play, and what's it all about, anyway?

'Falling Skies' isn't the only post-apocalyptic thriller on the TNT landscape these days, as Michael Bay's 'The Last Ship' has officially found its leading man: 'Grey's Anatomy' vet Eric Dane! The one-time McSteamy (who memorably departed the series only weeks ago) has landed the role of Captain Tom Chandler, a career Navy man, loving father and husband before a global catastrophe nearly wipes out Earth's population.

Described as respected, authoritative, decisive, fair, courageous and a born leader, Dane's Chandler captains the last Naval Destroyer, as outlined by the original William Brinkley novel and produced by Michael Bay. Joining Dane in the series are Michaela McManus, Charles Parnell, Travis Van Winkle, Christina Elmore and Sam Spruell.

What say you? Does the premise of TNT's 'The Last Ship' rock your boat? Are you happy to have Dane back on TV so soon?

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