Tonight offers two episodes of 'Grimm' to close out 2013, and hopefully they'll go out strong. First up is "Cold Blooded," and it seems unlikely that's a reference to the Rick James song.

The episode starts with the quote: "But for the pit confounders, let them go, and fund as little mercy as they show!" A hooded figure unloads some treasures into a barrel as Adalind talks to Victor, a new member of the Renard family. She's offered a job with the family as a lawyer and they speak about both Sean and Nick, and Victor asks her to make a list of who might have killed Eric Renard. A large man loots a house when the homeowner shows up. He sees that someone has robbed the place and then sees the robber. He tries to defend himself, but the robber is a wesen, and the robber kills him.

Nick and Hank show up to investigate. They can tell the killer is a big guy as he ripped the victim's arm off, and think it may be like one of the wesen they've fought before. Back at the precinct they see there's been a string of robberies around the same neighborhood. Nick talks to the coroner, who tells him that the victim died of a broken neck. A road crew goes into the sewers, one crewman finds the blockage and thinks that someone else is in the sewers. After a creepy sequence, the man in the tunnel is killed.

In Vienna Sean meets with his contact, though only after making sure he is alone. They try to figure out who set Sean up and discuss Victor, who Eric never trusted. But he needs supplies. Nick and Hank investigate the dead sewer worker. Sgt. Wu suggests that it's an alligator. Nick, Hank, and Wu go into the sewer with one of the workers, with Wu obviously spooked. They find blood on the walls and other pieces of evidence, which leads them to investigate further while leaving Wu behind. Wu finds a severed leg and screams.

Nick, Hank and Wu go through the evidence and find that the criminals MO is to rob an area until it gets too hot and then move on, and the evidence shows that the two dead victims were killed by the same person. Nick and Hank go to Monroe's to figure out what kind of wesen they're up against, and Monroe invites them (and Juliette) over for dinner. Sean's Royal contact tells him his location is compromised, so he takes off. Back at Monroe's, they go through Nick's books and Rosalee finds a passage about the wesen they're after, as does Monroe, who sees that the wesen are one of the oldest on record and are called Gelumcaedus. Nick and Hank investigate Portland's storm drains and sewers, but they're told it's too large a network to find one person. They do find where the tunnels intersect, and so they plan to investigate it -- though only after Nick gets a special Grimm weapon to help defeat a Gelumcaedus. Nick puts it on, while Hank goes with a shotgun as his weapon of choice. Nick flashes back to the man he killed (oh yeah, that plot point is still alive), but then heads with Hank to the sewers. They find footprints, and head in.

In the sewers, the duo walk around until Nick hears breathing and then ticking, which leads to a door that leads to the Gelumcaedus's secret lair, which is filled with nicknacks. Then the wesen attacks, but Nick and Hank are able to subdue him. Back in Vienna, Sean shows up for the Royal meeting to find a man being tortured and sentenced to death for being involved with someone who worked against the Royals. Nick and Hank question the Gelumcaedus, who says that they're wasting his time. Nick calls Monroe and Rosalee to find out something the Gelumcaedus said, which turns out is old school for Grimm. Nick then calls Hank to tell him that there's a second criminal, and then Hank is attacked by the second Gelumcaedus, and is dragged into the sewer in a great jump scare.

Nick shows up and Hank's and then gets a call from the other Gelumcaedus, who threatens to kill Hank if Nick doesn't bring him the Gelumcaedus in custody. Nick gets the suspect and takes him to the sewer. It turns out the two Gelumcaedus are brothers, and so Nick leaves his gun in the car, as instructed. Nick gets to Hank and unties him, when it's revealed there's actually three brothers. Nick is able to kill two and -- with Hank's help -- subdue the original suspect. Adalind stares at her pregnant stomach in a mirror (which shows a weird CGI blood pattern, while Victor watches her on a security camera. Nick puts his weapon away, and notes that he likes being called a Decapitari, then old-school wesen word for Grimm.

The first episode of tonight's two-parter was fairly standard, and something of a C+ effort. The show did well by its wesen-of-the-week, but the supporting cast didn't have that much to do. This was a Nick and Hank episode, and they had some nice moments together, but the show is at it's best when the supporting cast get something juicy to do. In this case that time went to Wu being scared of the sewers, which isn't much. Still, the wesen elements were good, while the Vienna stuff is seemingly building to a point. Hopefully the next episode is a little more fun.