Season 2 of 'Grimm' is winding down, and so a lot of the season-long issues are finally being resolved. Juliette's memory is coming back, the key may actually mean and lead to something, Wu might get more to do every episode or so, etc. etc. Tonight's episode "Kiss of the Muse" brings in guest star Nora Zehetner (co-star of 'Brick') and it looks like it might wrap up some of this Juliette/coma stuff. At least, we can hope.

The episode starts with the quote "Tell me O'Muse, from whatsoever source you may know them." Juliette is in the kitchen examining her cat scratch, and flashes back to her conversation with Nick when he told her Adalind is a witch. At Monroe's, Nick gets a call from Hank post-vacation, and plots dinner with Monroe. Hank shows up on crutches as he got into an accident in Hawaii when they hear a shot at the local book store. There's a body, and upstairs a wesen named Anton holds on to Khloe (Zehetner) and screams that she's his. Nick pulls Khloe out of the way, and a foot chase ensues. The shooter jumps into the nearby river and gets away. Back at the scene of the crime, Nick and Hank go to talk to Khloe, as Anton gets to shore. Khloe was dating the murdered author, Anton was her ex and it turns out he was acting stalkerish. She says that guys fall for her hard, and it often gets weird. Khloe then kisses Nick's hand (set up), and he gives her his card. They head to Anton's place, and find out that Anton hasn't been found. They also find that his loft is filled with Khloe-centric art, and a drawing of the dead author (which proves premeditation). Juliette calls Nick asking him to come over for dinner, and he agrees, though it's obvious that Khloe's spell over him is growing.

Back at the station, Nick draws a version of Anton's wesen, and then he heads over to Khloe's place. Juliette calls Monroe to tell him that she's having dinner with Nick, and she asks about how Nick feels about their relationship. Monroe says that Nick's been waiting for something like this for a while now. At Khloe's, Nick asks about Anton and his painting of the dead author. Nick also asks about the art Anton drew, and she reveals that she's dated a lot of artists, which is why her place is filled with painting. She says that she inspires people, and when asked to explain she kisses Nick. She says that's how it starts, and that it can't be controlled. She says that Nick has some sort of power and reveals that she's a wesen, but he's cool with that (as a Grimm), and is about to jump her bones when he gets a phone call from Monroe. Nick leaves shortly thereafter. Then a brick gets thrown into a paint shop by Anton.

Nick shows up at Juliette's a little late. Nick wants to know what's up, and she says she's sorry just as Nick leaves the room to look out a window and think about Khloe's words. She follows him, apologizes again and says it's been hard, but Nick is still distracted. He takes off, leaving Juliette feeling bummed. Nick goes to Monroe's, and when Monroe asks questions about the evening, Nick is standoffish and acts like a jerk, which leaves Monroe flummoxed. Nick heads out, and Juliette calls Monroe, worried that Nick hates her. Monroe calls Hank to see if something's up, and Hank plans to investigate. Hank calls Nick and the two have a drink together. Nick draws Khloe as a wesen, and Hank asks who it is. Nick reveals that it's Khloe and when a bar patron tries to show Nick's drawing to his girlfriend Nick punches the patron. Hank breaks up the fight, and sends Nick off. He also keeps the drawing.

Hank shows the drawing to Monroe and Rosalee, and everyone notes that he's acting over the top. They then go to the trailer to find Khloe's type. Anton is working with paint, while Monroe eventually finds a match. She's a Musai, and it turns out that Vincent Van Gogh may have been influenced by one (which killed him, natch). The kiss of a Musai is addictive, and always ends in "madness, destruction and death." The someone breaks into Khloe's place.

At the office, Nick shows up in the same clothes as the day before and says last night was a bit of a blur. Hank tells Nick what she is, but Nick just acts like a jerk. Hank then shows Nick and Renard footage of Anton's break-in, and lists the men who've died after dating Khloe, and Wu shows up saying he found Anton's art project. Rosalee researches the Musai's kiss, and thinks the only cure is real love. Just then Juliette comes in saying she needs to go to Nick's trailer right now, and needs to go alone to reconnect with the past. The cops find the artwork (Wu thinks it's good), which sends Nick off. After everyone else leaves Hank explains what's up to Renard. Juliette enters the camper and tries to trigger her memories. Eventually she connects to the past and remembers Nick explaining what it means to be a Grimm.

Hank gets a call from Monroe and Rosalee, and he's told he should try to keep Nick as far away from Khloe as possible. Juliette returns to Rosalee's shop and says she didn't believe Nick at the time, but believes him now. She wants to go to him, but they don't know what to tell her. Nick shows up at Khloe's house and the two start making out. Anton's at her place (he broke the window), and Anton and Nick get into a fight, as Khloe looks on approvingly. She says she can't be his as long as Anton is alive. Just then the cops bust in and cuff Anton. Monroe and Rosalee try to explain the Musai to Juliette, and Juliette says "is she a wesen?" which freaks them out, but she remembers that from what Nick said. They tell her she's the cure. Hank and Renard interrogate Khloe, who says her power is out of her control, and no one knows how to stop it. Nick finds out Anton's in a cell, and when Hank goes to Nick's desk, he sees a drawing of Anton murdered. Nick pulls a gun on Anton, and just then Renard, Juliette and everyone all show up to stop him. Juliette approaches and touches his face. It breaks the spell. They hug as Anton goes for the gun, which Renard picks up (with a great "Really?") Renard then goes to Khloe and tells her to leave town immediately, and then shows her his wesen face.

Though this episode didn't wrap up wrap up the Juliette storyline (looks like we'll be getting more of that next week and possibly into the finale), it was one of the driving forces of this week's monster of the week, which tied her directly into Musai. This was an okay episode, but it also felt like housecleaning as it was mostly trying to tie things together. It was nice to watch David Giuntoli play it more dickishly than previous, but it wasn't so extreme that it became exciting to watch. This week also showed that with everyone's new positions in Nick's life that giving the whole cast something to do every week is probably a bad idea. The show works best when it puts a partner or two in the foreground and then leaves everyone else bits here and there. In this episode, characters felt squeezed in, and many interchangeable. Also we're curious if Russell Hornsby actually broke his leg or not (if he did it's good that the season is almost over).

All in all, this might be one of the weakest episodes of the year,  but an episode that is mostly there to close out the narrative arcs of the second season is a small price to pay for what's been a fairly entertaining season of television.