Last week in the 'Grimm' episode "The Good Shepherd" we saw how Detective Nick Brukhart worked with his two partners, Hank and Monroe, and it made for a solid if unremarkable episode. The elephant in the room is what's going on with Juliette, and we hope this week she'll either get fully out of her coma, or something interesting happens with her. Read on for our in-depth recap of this season's sixth episode: "Over My Dead Body."

The episode opens with the quote "Whilst he thus gazed before him, he saw a snake creep out of a corner of the vault and approach the dead body." We then see a pretty woman with a bodyguard emerge from a plane, and the woman then calls Captain Renard, and she invites him to come to her hotel. Back at Nick's Juliette is making food and invites Nick to dinner. She makes his favorite dish, which he thinks is a sign, but it turns out there was a note on the recipe. She wants to get to know him (again), while Monroe is also getting a dinner date ready himself.

At a honky-tonk bar we see Angelina, Monroe's Blutbad ex-girlfriend, who's getting drunk at a bar when her date suggests she owes him sexually for the beers and chicken fingers he bought her. As she walks to her bike, the date comes after her, and she bites him to death, but another man pulls a gun on her.

Monroe and Rosalee are having dinner together, and he says she looks beautiful and the two flirt a little. He shows her his favorite clock, which was carved by a distant relative. Renard has dinner with the mysterious lady, and she reveals that he's on the outs with his family and lays on the flirting, which is mixed with the knowledge that Renard killed his own cousin. Angelina's forced into a car by a little guy with a gun, and is made to talk with a gangster-type that's also a weresnake. She's told she can either die, do the job of the guy she killed (for $25,000), or go to jail. The job is to kill someone, and it's someone she knows. At dinner, Nick and Juliette recount how they first met, while Monroe plays some Zither music for Rosalee that she's already familiar with. As the two are about to kiss, Angelina breaks in and tells Rosalee to leave because she's got something important to tell Monroe. Angelina reveals she's been hired to kill him.

Angelina tells Monroe that the weresnake wants him dead, and Monroe has no idea why he's wanted. Monroe plans to find out who's hunting him and wants to call Nick, but the two start fighting over involving the Grimm. Nick tells Juliette about why she rejected his proposal and he says it's because she said he was keeping things from her. Then Monroe calls, and needs Nick to come over because of the death threat. Nick shows up and while Monroe tries to explain Angelina walks in and Nick pulls a gun, but Monroe talks them both down. Angelina then tells them that she killed the guy who was supposed to do the job, which upsets Nick, but then Monroe gets a call from Rosalee, who says that she's going home to see a sick relative, and she needs Monroe to watch her shop. Nick and Angelina fight some more, but have come together for a tentative truce.

Nick brings Hank in to watch Monroe, and then Nick heads to the bar with Angelina. Monroe and Hank makes awkward small talk, and both decide to have a couple drinks. Hank tries to understand the whole Grimm thing, and Monroe explains that there are two versions of transformation, one is emotional and regular people can't see it, while the other is more anger-based and can be seen. He shows Hank the two versions and Hank can only see the second one, which freaks him out, but also says is amazing and asks to see it again. Back at the crime scene, Nick talks to the cop covering the crime scene and Angelina pops out to explain what happened as Nick's partner, and helps them to find the dead man's wallet. She steals the dead man's cell phone, realizing the last person the dead guy talked to was the the weresnake. They quickly find the little guy with the gun outside a hardware store, and Nick sends Angelina in alone to confront him. She grabs the guy and claims she was set up, trying to get some dirt on why they want to kill Monroe. It turns out that they're after Monroe because of his friendship with Nick, and that they're also targeting Nick, and that the weresnake was hired by someone even further up. Nick feels terrible.

Back at Monroe's Nick shows up and says he has to talk to Hank, and explains that Angelina has been working with him and that they're going to have to overlook her rap sheet for the time being, which Hank isn't super cool with. Nick then brings Angelina in. She can't help but sauce Hank, and Nick explains that Monroe is being targeted because of their friendship, and there might be a Royal behind all of this. But how to deliver Monroe's dead body without Monroe being actually dead? A potion, of course, so Monroe calls Rosalee to get a recipe on how to make a "Dead Faint."

Renard gets a call from his mystery lady, and they make a second date, but a little later he gets a call telling him that his mystery lady is already leaving town. Set up! Rosalee warns about the problems with the potion, and then Angelina gets the call giving her instructions on where to bring the body, so it's now or never. Rosalee gives them the recipe and Monroe drinks it, and they're told they have two hours and if he doesn't wake up by then he could die.

Angelina drives up to the drop point while Nick and Hank stay behind at a distance. The bad guys drive up, and Nick says to Hank what Hank already knows: This one's off the books. Angelina shows the guy with the gun the body, and then the weresnake shows up to sniff Monroe. Satisfied, the weresnake calls the big boss, who drives up. The big boss? Renard's date. Angelina can't wait any longer and gives respiration to Monroe as Nick and Hank come out  saying they're cops. Angelina gets shot, and the chase is on. Monroe gets the guy who shot Angelina, but Angelina is fatally wounded and dies in Monroe's arms while warning him to be careful. Nick goes against the weresnake, and the two duke it out. When the snake gets the drop on Nick, Hank shows up and blows the weresnake away. Nick starts to get out his phone but Monroe wants to handle the bodies "our way."

At the airport, the mysterious lady pulls up where Renard is waiting for her. She wonders if she's going to die, and Renard says it depends if she tells him everything. Nick gets home and calls Rosalee to tell her that Monroe's fine. And on his couch there's a note from Juliette thanking him for the new memories. In the forest Monroe buries Angelina under a pile of rocks and breaks a watch over the grave and has a howl.

It seems the last episode suggested Juliette would be getting her memory back this week, but the promo for next week suggests we're a week away from that finally going down. Oh well. What's great about this show is that it's got three solid leads in David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby and Silas Weir Mitchell, and this was a good episode for all three. In terms of the season's arc, this was also a bit of a stall - it all depends who's behind the mysterious lady or if she was acting on her own - but the narrative was good enough to make for an entertaining hour of television.

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