Tonight brings the season finale of 'Grimm,' and finally gets Monroe and Rosalee hitched and sets up the start of the next season with the latest season cliffhanger. The results are entertaining, but expected.

The show opens with the quote "Turn back, turn back, thou pretty bride, within this house thou must not abide. For here do evil things betide." Monroe and Rosalee are having their wedding rehearsal and Nick's sunglasses are questioned, but everyone makes apologies for him. Back at the precinct, Wu updates Renard on Adalind, but she's nowhere to be found (because Adalind's turned herself into Juliette). Weston Stewart gets a fake passport ready, while at the rehearsal dinner Monroe's father toasts the happy couple, Nick, and his wife Alice. Juliette then says that it's been a wonderful and strange experience getting to know Monroe and Rosalee. Juliette/Adalind then shows up at the Captain's apartment wanting to talk.

Renard tells Juliette/Adalind that Adalind's dangerous, but he thinks she won't come back. Adalind then goes in for a kiss, which causes her to woge a little. Adalind then jumps in a cab as she starts to transform back into herself. Back at Monroe's, Monroe thanks his father for coming around, while Nick and Juliette come home to Teresa burning her dinner. Adalind then calls Juliette to warn her that Renard might still be in love with her, while Rosalee's drunk sister Dia gets wine all over Rosalee's wedding dress -- which she says she's doing as a favor -- before passing out.

Rosalee, her mom and Monroe's family head to a dress shop and find a perfect dress. Dia wakes up apologetic, but Monroe tells her that he and Rosalee always hated the dress, so... Juliette gets a call from Renard but they don't understand each other (good work, Adalind!), but then Wu comes in to tell Sean they have an address on Adalind's storage space. Teresa and Nick move the camper as he tells her about his family history. They move it to a place in the woods. Juliette gets another call from Adalind who offers her a wesen mace, and finds that Juliette is headed out, and so she transforms again.

Nick and Teresa go through Rolek's belongings, and Teresa asks him if he would prefer not to be a Grimm, while Sean finds Adalind's storage space. He finds the hat and pieces it all together. Nick and Teresa get home and she says she needs to move on soon. Adalind - as Juliette -- emerges from the bathroom scantily clad and well, birds and bees stuff starts happening. Afterwards, Nick hopes in the shower and Adalind leaves, only to run into Teresa on the way out, but her behavior leads Teresa to follow her and see her transform back. Sean calls Nick, but he's in the shower, and so Sean takes some of Adalind's potion.  Juliette gets home and Nick is dressed, while Juliette -- who starts to undress to get ready for the wedding -- finds her nighty on the floor. Side note: Bitsie Tulloch has rarely been this scantily clad before. In the car, Juliette is a little disturbed and they are both confused until Juliette puts the pieces together. Sean shows up and talks to Teresa. It seems that Nick has to drink the potion, so Sean is about to go off to the wedding, but he gets shot by Weston, who then takes aim at Teresa!

Nick and Juliette get to the wedding, and Juliette is ready to break it off. while Nick is ready to propose. Weston corners Teresa but he didn't realize she was a Grimm, and so she cuts his head off (note: This is awesome). Monroe is nervous, so Hank tries to comfort him, but he's stressed when it's revealed that Nick forgot his sunglasses. Monroe's dad has an extra pair, so problem solved. Teresa runs off to the wedding with potion in hand as the wedding progresses, and as Rosalee deliver her (great) wedding vows, Renard is rushed to the hospital.

Monroe gets to give his vows as Wu and other cops look at the body of Weston and investigate. Nick gets a call, but ignores it, as Wu looks at some Grimm drawings and sees the beast that attacked him. As the rings are exchanged, Adalind gets ready to go to Europe, and the two get hitched when Teresa shows up which freaks out all the guests and causes them to break the vial holding the potion. The wedding party have to make a quick exit, and there it's revealed that Nick's powers have been taken away. Nick Hank, Juliette and Teresa flee the wedding as Adalind heads off to Europe. And scene!

The episode set up this most recent development, though it seemed like the way the show was going to go. Likely it will take about five episodes into next season for this to be resolved, but such is this show. Rosalee and Monroe got married, and that's the good of it. It will be interesting if they have kids or adopt, though both actors look to be in their late thirties at youngest. But it's TV and their wesen, so regular rules don't apply.

'Grimm' works best when it's a hangout show, and that's probably why season openers and closers are my least favorite episodes of any given season. I like the characters, I like how they interact together, and I don't really care about the fate of the world, or a problem that will eventually resolve itself. Maybe I'm weird, but I would happily watch an episode of the main cast having dinner and bouncing off each other. There are moments of fun in the finale (the dress narrative), but it was obvious where things would end up: something bad and possibly life changing was going to happen that won't be resolved in the near future. Is Renard dead? Probably not, though if the show wanted to shake things up a bit, killing off a character or two might not be a bad idea. That seems unlikely, and Sasha Roiz is fun in the role (though he often gets to be the most arch of the cast), but a good left turn might not be such a bad idea.

But the fact that this is a cliffhanger points out that this season started on one that the show never did all that much with. There's almost a stoner vibe to the show that some plot points fade from memory. It would be cool if Nick's zombie powers somehow saved him from his fate, but I can't imagine a show called 'Grimm' would devote too long an arc to 'Grimm no more,' but we shall see.

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