Well it seems we've all been had. Guy Pearce is not the lead villain in 'Iron Man 3' as previously thought. The actor says his part in the film is really just a cameo, so don't get too excited or anything.

In an interview with Vulture to promote his new film 'Lawless,' Guy Pearce was asked about his role in 'Iron Man 3.' The actor previously turned down an offer years ago to star in 'Daredevil,' and he explains his feelings have changed a little:

"I've probably loosened up, and I feel a little more experimental in what I'll take on these days, but I still don't know that I would want to play the superhero myself, since I'm playing a different kind of character in this film."

More interesting than that is this tidbit about his part in the film, which was previously believed to be that of the lead villain. When Pearce is asked about acting in big summer tentpole films, he says:

"Prometheus and Iron Man are really kind of cameo stuff"

And... that's it. If Guy Pearce is comparing the capacity of his roles in both 'Prometheus' and 'Iron Man 3,' we suspect we won't be seeing as much of him in the upcoming sequel as we were led to believe. Not cool, Guy.