The new Halloween absolutely slaughtered its competition at the weekend box office — and pretty much every other slasher film in history. Move over, Freddy Krueger. Take a seat, Jason. Michael Myers is the new slasher box-office champ.

Bowing with an incredible $77.5 million gave the new Halloween — directed by David Gordon Green and featuring the franchise’s original star, Jamie Lee Curtis — the biggest opening weekend in the history of the slasher genre. (The previous champ was the 2009 reboot of Friday the 13th, which grossed $40.7 million in its first three days in theaters.)

Here’s the weekend’s full box-office chart:

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Halloween $77,501,000 $19,730 $77,501,000
2 A Star Is Born $19,300,000 (-32%) $4,969 $126,376,246
3 Venom $18,105,000 (-48%) $4,658 $171,125,095
4 Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween $9,715,000 (-38%) $2,759 $28,804,812
5 First Man $8,565,000 (-46%) $2,353 $29,999,050
6 The Hate U Give $7,500,000 (+331%) $3,257 $10,641,873
7 Smallfoot $6,615,000 (-27%) $2,182 $66,366,035
8 Night School $5,000,000 (-35%) $2,178 $66,906,825
9 Bad Times at the El Royale $3,300,000 (-53%) $1,175 $13.341,801
10 The Old Man & the Gun $2,050,000 (+123%) $2,556 $4,200,856

Halloween also had the second-biggest opening for any October film ever, behind Venom from just three weeks ago. And it was the second-biggest opening ever for an R-rated horror film of any kind — slasher, splatter, psychological horror, killer clowns, what have you — behind only the $123 million that It made last October.

When it comes to horror movies led by women, it broke a couple more records:

And here’s another record for you: It’s also the biggest opening weekend ever for its producers, the prolific and economical horror specialists at Blumhouse Productions. Speaking of economical: The new Halloween reportedly cost just $10 million to make, which means even after marketing costs, the movie is already close to turning a profit, if it hasn’t already. Clearly the gambit to wipe the franchise’s slate clean and return the series back to its roots — with Curtis once again squaring off with Michael Myers — was an idea that appealed to audiences. How long before Freddy and Jason follow suit?

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