Just how good is the original, 1978 version of 'Halloween'? So good that it's managed to remain an untouchable classic after seven increasingly awful sequels and an indescribably bad remake. It's so good that's it's being re-released this October, so you can experience as it is meant to be experienced: on the big screen with an audience.

The exact details of 'Halloween's return to theaters remain unknown at this time, but Screenvision has posted a list of participating theaters, which is expected to grow as All Hallows' Eve approaches. Since there is no way anyone is striking a bunch of new 35mm prints, we can safely assume that this will be a digital event, but that's okay: this will be an entire generation's chance to see this movie in a theater without having to attend a rare repertory screening.

Although commonplace back in the days before home video, theatrical re-releases had all but gone extinct before roaring back to life this year. 'Titanic' tossed another $50 million plus on top of its already epic box office take with its 3D re-release and the limited IMAX re-release of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' is doing so well that Paramount is expanding it. Even though a 'Halloween' re-release won't result in record breaking grosses, a digital distribution like this shouldn't cost too much and will certainly be profitable (who doesn't want to watch 'Halloween' on Halloween?).

Are we looking at a new age of older, classic films being screened at your local multiplex? We certainly hope so. You can see 'Halloween' for the 87th time starting on October 25th.