All this week we've attempted to allay fan concerns about the fate of NBC's Bryan Fuller-created 'Hannibal' series, whose season 2 renewal or cancellation won't arrive until some time after NBC's main upfront presentations. While the outlook remains good, we're hearing that both cable networks and the expanding Amazon have expressed an interest in picking up the series should NBC decline, so find out the future of NBC's 'Hannibal' inside!

We remain confident that NBC will opt for second season of Bryan Fuller's darkly delicious 'Hannibal,' whose critical acclaim easily outshines its meager ratings. NBC itself made sure to specify that a decision for the series wouldn't arrive until some weeks after the Upfront presentation, but Deadline reveals that several outlets have already expressed an interest in picking up the Mads Mikkelsen / Hugh Dancy-starring prequel.

Deadline didn't specify which cable network had expressed an interest, as no official talks have begun, though we'd be hard-pressed to deny 'Hannibal's disturbing content might have a better outlet on a late-night cable series. Beyond cable, Amazon has also expressed an interest in picking up the series, as the streaming content provider continues to gauge fan reaction to its multiple pilots in hopes of taking any to series.

Expect the good Dr. Lecter to remain with NBC for the foreseeable future, but in the meantime, what say you? Do you think NBC will let 'Hannibal' loose, and let another network pick up the acclaimed Bryan Fuller drama? Where would you like to see 'Hannibal' season 2 go next? Check out a preview of tonight's "Fromage," and give us your predictions in the comments!