Following the revealing (really, really revealing for some) panel at Comic-Con, NBC has released that new trailer for Season 3 of Hannibal, giving us a long, suitably creepy look ahead at the remaining episodes and teasing the highly-anticipated Red Dragon arc. But the Red Dragon isn’t the only surprise the new trailer offers: we’re also jumping ahead three years in time.

Richard Armitage enters the Hannibal fray in the role of Francis Dolarhyde, aka the psychologically afflicted, sociopathic serial killer who calls himself the Red Dragon — a name he takes from the William Blake series of paintings, and which inspires him to get a massive tattoo on his backside. The opening of the new trailer gives us a striking, formal introduction to Dolarhyde, offering his a-ha moment and transformation, and shows us his gnarly dentures.

Like Ralph Fiennes before him, Armitage also sports a version of a crew cut and wears his shirts in a similar conservative fashion, but the similarities appear to end there. It looks as though this version of the Red Dragon will give the character more physicality and a more unnerving manner in general.

The trailer segues into Will and Hannibal, and things appear so, so different from the first portion of Season 3 — there’s more of a sense of dread and less of a sense of surreality, as we jump ahead three years and find Hannibal Lecter behind bars, living in a cell reminiscent of his own office. Rather than have Dolarhyde send Hannibal messages via toilet paper, he’s able to phone in to Dr. Lecter directly.

There’s plenty more teased in the trailer, from Dolarhyde’s relationship to the blind Reba McClane (played here by Rutina Wesley), to Will’s rebuke of Hannibal’s overtures — once perceived as somewhat romantic, now perceived as psychologically draining. We’ll also get to see exactly what happened between Bedelia and her ill-fated patient, played by Zachary Quinto.

Hannibal Season 3 continues to air on Thursdays on NBC. Still no official word on a rescue for Season 4, although Bryan Fuller revealed the possibility of making a feature film if all else fails.