Forgive the obvious pun, but 'Happy Endings' may just get its namesake after all. Following ABC's heartbreaking, if expected cancellation of the series, rumors of a cable pickup for the cult comedy have officially come to life, USA stepping up to negotiate a pickup of the beloved series. It remains to be seen when the details iron out, but get the latest details of 'Happy Endings'' possible return inside!

A few days ago 'Happy Endings' fans found themselves down in the dumps more than usual, as ABC went the expected route of cancelling the series regardless of its critical acclaim. ABC President Paul Lee even offered up his reasons for the axe, though it seems 'Happy Endings' fans have some "amahzing" news on the horizon after all!

According to Variety, USA has officially entered negotiations to pick up a fourth season of the ABC comedy, as part of its push toward original content for its acquisition of 'Modern Family' syndication. Variety's Cynthia Littleton explains that negotiations could remain ongoing through USA's Upfront presentation tomorrow, but the talks are definitely proceeding.

The pickup would certainly make sense for USA as well, considering the success TBS found in saving 'Cougar Town' from ABC's cancellation heap last year. What say you? Are you excited to possibly have 'Happy Endings' back, or was ABC right to cancel the series?