For a woman with an Oscar on her shelf, Marcia Gay Harden's career has been rather quiet recently. Rather than headline movies, she seems content to take scene-stealing supporting roles in a wide variety of projects, appearing in everything from 'Into the Wild' to 'The Mist.' However, for the first time in awhile, it looks like Harden is ready to step into the spotlight, taking the title role in the indie drama 'The Librarian.'

The debut feature from director Juan Feldman (who previously directed the short film 'Keepsake' and the play 'Accepting the Pale), 'The Librarian' sounds exactly like the kind of indie that'll play to the audience currently making ''The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' a sleeper hit. From Variety:

Harden plays a mild-mannered librarian suffering through a midlife crisis as she takes in the exotic flora and fauna of Costa Rica, where she accidentally hires a man who's a lothario and dime-store philosopher for her tour.

"Middle Aged Woman Goes On A Journey Of Self Discovery In A Foreign Land" is a subgenre unto itself by now, so 'The Librarian' is going to be all about execution. However, Oscar winning actresses like Harden don't attach themselves to films from first timers unless they sense serious potential, so we will have to wait and see. Does this concept have any juice left in it? Does Joel Silverman's script do something special with this seemingly tired concept? Those questions will have to remain rhetorical until after the film is finished.