Normally we don't pay much attention to CBS' adapted reboot crime procedural 'Hawaii Five-0,' even with its healthy brand of beloved character actors, but given the current star power season 3 seems to be attracting, we couldn't help but turn our heads toward paradise.  We already know a modicum of Hollywood stars will appear in the upcoming season (and one that might not), so who's the latest to hit the sands?

According to previously-troubled actress / model, Bai Ling's personal website, the star has indeed taken her slender figure to the sands of Hawaii for a guest spot in 'Hawaii Five-0,' season 3, in an unknown guest role.  The actress confirmed her part to answer rumors bombarding her website, saying:

I have been on many internet websites lately while I was in Hawaii shooting Hawaii Five 0, and keep getting those emails from friends who saw news of me, wow here is another one that I have to post to you, I did not get the name but a fan made it for me that I really like, think he has awesome composition and imagination, the title: Bai Ling on the beach: Hundreds of tiny photographers document the existence of the giantess. I thought it could be a movie.

In addition to Ling, 'Hawaii Five-0' season 3 will feature a flashback episode that includes actor Terrence Howard and potentially Ving Rhames, though it isn't especially clear the difference between their two roles in Danno's past, if any at all.  The same episode will feature the Kardashian klan's Kendall Jenner, for a season that also boasts guest stars Christine Lahti as McGarrett’s mother Doris, rapper T.I., and Ed Asner reprising his role as smuggler August March.

What say you?  Are you excited to see Bai Ling on the small screen for ‘Hawaii Five-0′ season 3?  What are you most looking forward to about the new season?  Give us your take in the comments below!