We're pretty sure that 'Hawaii Five-0'  really enjoys having guest spots from former 'LOST' cast members because they make an event of every castaway who appears alongside series regular Daniel Dae Kim. The latest to get 'LOST' all over again is none other than the dude himself, Jorge Garcia, but who will the big man play this time around?

According to Entertainment Weekly, Garcia will take an early season 4 role as a brilliant conspiracy theorist, who (of course) manages to share scenes with his former 'LOST' co-star Daniel Dae Kim. And for those who slept under a rock between 2004 and 2010, Garcia portrayed the perpetually unlucky castaway Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, while Kim played Jin-Soo Kwan.

Reyes is the latest former 'LOST' castaway to pop up in 'Hawaii Five-0,' following past guest turns from Terry O'Quinn, Jeff Fahey, Tania Raymonde and Reiko Aylesworth, though curiously CBS's own 'Person of Interest' star Michael Emerson has yet to put in an appearance.

The fourth season of 'Hawaii Five-0' will move to Friday nights this fall, though no official premiere date has been set. Stay tuned for the latest, and tell us in the comments what other 'LOST' stars you'd like to see pop up on the shores of 'Hawaii Five-0!'

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