As loyal fans of geek goddess Summer Glau, we'd never miss an opportunity to gawk at our favorite star, be it old 'Firefly' episodes or even the only season of NBC's oft-maligned 'The Cape.' Case and point, CBS' 'Hawaii Five-0' reboot has made yet another intriguing move in its third season, casting Summer Glau in a new role sure to highlight her physical skills. Find out who Summer Glau will play on 'Hawaii Five-0' inside!

Because everyone knows it's always Summer in Hawaii, we've learned through TVLine that former 'Firefly' and 'Terminator The Sarah Conor Chronicles' and all-around geek goddess Summer Glau will appear in an upcoming episode of CBS' rebooted series. According to the latest reports, Glau will take the role of "a woman involved with an underground fighting ring who also happens to be searching for the person who murdered her father."

In addition to Glau's casting, 'Hawaii Five-0' has been making headlines recently for its ambitious episode formats, including re-making an episode from the original series, and airing a choose-your-own-ending episode where viewers pick the episode's killer. Summer Glau's episode will likely air sometime in the spring.

What say you? Will you tune in to 'Hawaii Five-0' to see Summer Glau in action? Where would you like to see the 'Firefly' star turn up next?

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