Fake news alert! Our precious readers who also scan less reputable publications may have noticed an eye-catching item on Showbiz 411 yesterday. The “exclusive” headline defiantly asserted, “Jeremy Renner NOT in Mission Impossible 6, Said to be Too Busy with Avengers.” The article explained that Renner’s ongoing gig as the Avengers’ resident archery expert Hawkeye would keep him too busy to rejoin Ethan Hunt for what would be a third go-round in the Mission: Impossible franchise. But when word got back to director Peyton Reed, he set the record straight and called this bit of showbiz reporting out for the act of international subterfuge that it truly is.

Clearly, the erroneous item from Showbiz 411 was Vladimir Putin’s latest attempt to confuse and otherwise destabilize the American populace with misinformation. Renner will, in fact, not appear in Ant-Man and the Wasp in his capacity as Hawkeye, if we’re going to take the word of the film’s director. Which we are.

Renner’s involvement in the upcoming sixth installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise remains unclear, however; Reed wouldn’t have any knowledge of the goings-on over there, so he refrained from making any comment regarding that film. Time will tell whether the entire article is bunkum and Renner will indeed return to Hunt’s crew, or if it’s just other reasons keeping him occupied, but what’s certain is that we shouldn’t expect any exploding arrows, boxing-glove arrows, or any other sort of weaponized arrows in the upcoming Ant-Man follow-up. Just another classic example of the lamestream Hollywood media misleading Real Americans yet again.

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