AMC period drama 'Hell On Wheels' has been in hibernation for a few weeks during the "FearFest" campaign, but Cullen Bohannon will make a grand return this Saturday as "Bleeding Kansas" kicks off the final three episodes of the year. In the meantime, we have an exclusive look at this Saturday's newest episode, as Cullen learns his place in history, as well as the unexpected origin of Durant's "Doc" nickname.

Our exclusive clip from Saturdays eleventh episode "Bleeding Kansas" sees Cullen (Anson Mount) sharing a drink with Durant (Colm Meaney), who reveals his earliest ambitions in life, and ponders what will become of them after the Transcontinental Railroad is officially built. The blood on Doc's arm and Cullen's face doesn't bode particularly well, so might the two have been a bit less friendly earlier in the episode?

Meanwhile, here's how AMC describes Saturday's latest 'Hell on Wheels' season 4 installment, "Bleeding Kansas":

Cullen and Durant fight to save the life of a criminal. Louise tries to provide support as Ruth copes with a great loss.

Well, what do we think? Will Durant and Cullen wind up bitter enemies once again for 'Hell on Wheels' season 4? Watch our exclusive clip from Saturday's newest episode "Bleeding Kansas" above, tune in tomorrow at 9:00 P.M., and give us your predictions for the remainder of 'Hell on Wheels' season 4 in the comments!