The madness of Comic-Con 2013 gave AMC the chance to show off its new wares in 'The Walking Dead' season 4 and the final eight episodes of 'Breaking Bad,' but period drama 'Hell on Wheels' season 3 presence was relegated to adorning the rails of the local trolley. Now, the cable network has made up for things with a few fresh trailers and behind the scenes documentary looking at Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount)'s latest ride!

As previewed by the cast and crew above, 'Hell On Wheels' season 3's August 10 premiere (moving to Saturdays this year) will see the cast pick up in very different places, as Cullen Bohannon will be in a leadership position while racing the opposite coast to complete the trans-continental railroad. Along the way, characters have stepped up and gone in different directions since season 2 finale "Blood Moon Rising," now facing the threat of more Native American attacks and wild animals.

Little else has been revealed of the third season of ‘Hell on Wheels,’ other than a meaty new role for ‘The Following‘ star Jennifer Ferrin, and the fact that Cullen Bohannon will leave behind his mission of revenge to focus on the railroad expansion, leading the charge of the Union Pacific against Central Pacific Railroad. President Ulysses S. Grant has been said to appear as a recurring character, but no actor has yet been announced to take the role.

You can preview the new season of 'Hell On Wheels' in the videos above and below, and tell us in the comments if you'll pick up with the AMC period drama on August 10!