Yesterday, amid all the insanity of Hurricane Sandy we learned the surprising news from AMC that transcontinental railroad drama 'Hell on Wheels' would keep rolling for a third season, in spite of its mediocre ratings and lukewarm critical reception.  An official airdate has not yet been set for the western series' return, but what will be different about 'Hell on Wheels' season 3?  Might cast or creative depart the series?

'Hell on Wheels' indeed managed to score a third season of a full ten episodes, in spite of critical predictions that th Anson Mount-fronted western was dead on its tracks.  Still, it seems the AMC series might have lost a bit of its talent in the process.  Deadline reports that the series will continue without creators Joe and Tony Gayton, acting as executive producers.

Fortunately, series show-runner Jon Shiban will continue on with the series, while the Gaytons may stay involved with the series in a consulting capacity.  Each had a two-year contract with the series that expired with second season finale "Blood Moon Rising."

For those unfamiliar with the series, ‘Hell On Wheels’ stars Anson Mount as former Confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon, a widower helping to build the transcontinental railroad and avenge the death of his wife.  The series also stars Colm Meaney, Christopher Heyerdahl, Common, and Dominique McElligott.  Its second season averaged 2.4 million viewers, down from the first, but an understandable dip without 'The Walking Dead' as a lead-in or DISH viewers.

What say you?  Are you still on board for 'Hell on Wheels' season 3?