AMC period drama 'Hell On Wheels' has had a grizzly couple of weeks for fans to bear, but things will only get worse for Cullen Bohannon in season 4 as this Saturday takes "Two Trains" toward its October "Return to Hell" (don't worry, the final three episodes will pick back up in November). In the meantime, we have an exclusive look at this Saturday's newest episode, as Cullen and Mickey plot against the dastardly Sydney Snow.

Our exclusive clip from Saturdays ninth episode "Two Trains" sees Cullen (Anson Mount) attempting to convince Mickey (Phil Burke) to follow him on a deadly plan against Snow (no, not that Snow), looking to liberate the workers being held with Durant. Mickey has no love for Durant, but will he take up arms in defense of other innocent men?

Meanwhile, here's how AMC describes Saturday's latest 'Hell on Wheels' season 4 installment, "Two Trains":

Cullen faces off against the new marshal to recover his arrested railroad workers; Campbell confronts Louise.

Well, what do we think? Will Cullen's confrontation with Sydney end in further bloodshed for 'Hell on Wheels' season 4? Will Durant survive the liberation effort? And how's the newly-outed Swede, or Eva faring in all of this? Watch our exclusive clip from Saturday's newest episode "Two Trains" above, tune in tomorrow at 9:00 P.M., and give us your predictions for the remainder of 'Hell on Wheels' season 4 in the comments!